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About us

Our History

The Towner family has a long history of starting our own businesses from the early 20th century to the present day. The founder, Llewellyn Towner, ran a bakery, a car dealership, a dairy farm, and developed Goodhue Lake real estate to name a few!


In the 1950's, Llewellyn's son Terry had a vision: to see a fresh Christmas Tree in every home. Back then there was no Christmas Tree industry to speak of...most people were still going into the woods and finding the best available evergreen to cut down. After planting several thousand evergreen seedlings on some vacant property owned by his father, Towner Tree Farms was born. 

With the help of his wife and business partner Barbara, Terry expanded the Christmas Tree Farm into a successful and prosperous business that sold both wholesale and retail trees.

In 1997, Terry's son Scott Towner took over the helm and added wreaths, sold in  wholesale quantities as well as retail to any local folk who want one to decorate their home. Our goal is remains the same: to see a Christmas Tree and wreath in every house! If YOU are interested in starting your own side business selling Christmas Trees, then check us out today.



Our Team
TERRY TOWNER went to M.I.T. and even then was a businessman! To earn extra money, he used to make hot sandwiches and sell them to his fellow classmates. When the Vietnam War loomed, Terry enlisted in the United States Army and plied his trade as a surveyor for several years. When his enlistment was over, he returned to the States and began work at the famous Corning Glass Works. He helped found and build the Pinnacle State Park & Ski Resort in Addison, NY and became a real estate agent. To make sure he didn't get bored, he also started our Christmas Tree Farm!

Today Terry continues to buy and sell real estate. He currently owns 200 Acres in his hometown that he has fixed up to be the next best thing to paradise on earth. Located at the top of a mountain, this land features several beautiful ponds, acres of green rolling lawn, and a quaint but luxuious cabin (complete with electricity, heat and running water). This stunning and peaceful get away can be rented for weddings, parties, hunting, retreats, and more. If you are interested please


After graduating from college, BARBARA TOWNER became a legal secretary for a local lawyer and worked there for several years until she met Terry. In June of 1977 they were married and Barbara has been Terry's right hand ever since in every aspect of his business ventures. Not only was she valuable at the desk and on the phone, but she often put on gloves and worked alongside Terry on the tree farm! Barb's intellect, abundant skills and tireless work ethic helped to make Towner Tree Farms into a great success.

SCOTT TOWNER graduated from college and worked as a magazine editor in New York City for 6 years for Dell Publications. Called back to Addison, he married his beautiful bride Rebecca Stuart and since that time they've had 3 wonderful sons: Jesse, Jordan and Josiah. After taking over Towner Tree Farms in 1997, Scott also started his own Tae Kwon Do Club in Addison which continues to this day. In 2005 Scott was called by the Lord to become the pastor of the Church he was attending, Gateway Fellowship, also in Addison. 





Are you interested in working for us? We are a seasonal employer looking for men and women who are willing to get their hands dirty planting, trimming, and harvesting Christmas Trees. We also need skilled wreath makers to operate our simple-to-use machinery. Please call Scott at (607) 359-2430 or my cell/text at (607) 346-7535 or email me at


Contact Us

Call/text us at: (607) 346-7535 or email us at

Tree Lot Hours

From the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve! Monday - Saturday from 9 AM to 8 PM. Sundays from 9 AM - 6 PM.

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